Tips for getting a tattoo with us!

Sugar City Tattoo is a custom only tattoo studio. Things to keep in mind when setting up an appointment:

  • We do not copy other peoples tattoos from the internet. We will use them as a reference, but want you to have your own custom artwork.  If you have a non tattooers artwork you want recreated, get the artist permission
  • Bring your headphones, a book, tablet or whatever you need for distraction during our tattoo, we have free WIFI!
  • Remember we want to focus on you and your experience for that reason we do not allow kids, or large parties of people while you are getting tattooed.  That way we can create a low stress environment.
  • Please eat beforehand, and bring snacks and water to have during small breaks. This keeps your blood sugar up.
  • Wear loose clothing , that we can have the tattoo area exposed during the process. DO not wear your nice white pants or favorite t shirt, as ink may get on them.
  • We book our appointments in advance, so let us know 48 hours ahead of time if you cannot make it. Please call to cancel if you are sick. We will not tattoo you if you are sick  – self care is important.
  • We will do our best to tattoo what you want- but will not compromise on longevity. We will tell you what works best as a tattoo in the long run, and what works with color theory. The final decision is always yours , but trust in us, we want you to love what you get.       🙂
  • Listen to our aftercare, we have used every way of trying to heal a tattoo and found that our current suggested aftercare coincides with what makes sense to avoid infection.
  • As long as you mind our aftercare , touch ups are free, as long as it is done no more than 4 months after the tattoo.