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Sugar City Tattoo artists are here to make your tattoo dreams a reality! We take pride in creating tailor-made, one of a kind tattoos for our clients. From start to finish, we’ll work with you every step of the way to bring your ideas to life — so you end up with a stunning piece that’s all yours!

To book an appointment, just reach out to your favorite artist via email and set up a consultation. It can take a few days for them to respond; as we are an appointment only shop, and do not take walk in appointments as we are generally booked out a few weeks. 

Ready to make a bold statement and express yourself with body art? Look no further than Sorin and Kristina at Sugar City Tattoo! These East Bay tattoo experts are ready to help you take your look to the next level. With their top-notch quality, affordable prices, and fun personalities, you can get tattooed with confidence knowing you’re in good hands. Plus, all of their tattoos are done in a safe manner, ensuring that every piece is created with precision and care. Get ready to show off your newest artwork – it’s time to let your personality shine through!

Book your appointment at Sugar City Tattoo today and experience why so many people can’t stop talking about Sorin and Kristina’s work! Get ready to express yourself and make a statement — it’s time to step up your style game with some high-quality body art!

High Quality Pigments

We use only the best pigments available on the market.

Latest Health Practices

We are always up to date with our credentials and health certifications.

Only skilled artists

Combined we have over 30 years of tattoo experience.

Commonly Asked Questions

It’s no surprise that getting a tattoo can be quite the commitment! But if you’re curious about the pain level, it really depends on where and how big the tattoo is. Generally, smaller tattoos are less painful than larger ones. Areas of the body with more nerve endings tend to hurt more, like areas near joints. That being said, everyone experiences pain differently so only you can decide if a tattoo is right for you! Just remember that every bit of pain can be worth it when you have an awesome design permanently inked onto your skin!

When it comes to tattoos, fading is inevitable – but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep your ink looking vibrant for years to come! With the proper care, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your tattoo stays looking its best. Be sure to use gentle cleansers and moisturizers on your skin, avoid direct sunlight when possible, and opt for high-quality inks. Taking these steps will help ensure that your tattoo remains vibrant and colorful for years to come!

All artists require a consultation, please email the artist who’s style fits your ideas !

Tattoos can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the size and complexity of the design you choose. A small, simple tattoo may only take fifteen minutes or so, while a large tattoo with intricate details may require several hours. It all depends on what type of art you’re looking for! So make sure to plan ahead and give your artist enough time to draw up the perfect masterpiece. Remember: tattoos are forever—so don’t rush it!

Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Our business requires a deposit to secure a reservation or service. In the event that a customer cancels their reservation or fails to show up for their scheduled appointment, we have a no-refund policy in place for the deposit. This policy is in place to protect our business from lost revenue, as we may have turned away other potential customers in order to hold the reservation.

If a customer needs to cancel their reservation or appointment, we ask that they notify us as soon as possible. If they cancel within a certain window of time, as specified in our booking policy, they will forfeit their deposit. If a customer fails to show up for their scheduled appointment without any prior notification, they will also forfeit their deposit.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can arise, and we will make exceptions to our policy in certain cases, such as extreme weather conditions or illness. However, these exceptions will be made at our discretion and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our cancellation and no-show policy. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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